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Our Clients

Some of our current and past customers include:


Recent Success Stories

The close and confidential relationship we enjoy with our clients generally prohibits us from posting details of their successes, but here are three examples of success we can share:

We completed a project with an SME based in Hampshire, achieving a 50% growth in their top line sales (from £1m to £1.5m) during the year we were implementing a Sales Improvement Plan for them. Coincidently, this was precisely the growth figure the MD had told us he wanted when we were planning the project for them. We’re now running a recruitment campaign to find a new Business Development Manager to strengthen the sales team.

A London based SME we’ve been engaged with, increased their month on month sales from an irregular £40K/month, to a consistent £120K/month. This has been achieved through a combination of developing (the right kind of) infrastructure, and building sales skills. The business now has a dependable sales platform delivering predictable sales revenue to fund future business growth.

We worked with a Midlands based PLC to roll out a Value Selling Sales Model for them, throughout the UK, the US, the EU, and Asia Pac. Through the year we were completing this process, their sales increased from £79.2m to over a £100m. We won’t claim full credit for the whole improvement (it’s a complex business environment) though our value selling process has supported higher pricing and new business acquisition.

“I had never really understood the value of a coaching process and it was only when we were three weeks into the project that I realised that CH was actually coaching me into my own solution which was better because I knew I could deliver it. It was very skillful. It was actually my solution all along!” GH, General Manager

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