Whether you have a difficult sales problem to sort out, or a tough growth target to achieve, we have the tools to help you.

Sales Tools

We have a range of flexible tools that we adapt to the precise sales situation we are faced with, which include:

Sales Process Analysis
Before making recommendations to you, we will start by examining your sales process so that we can fully understand your starting position.

Sales Training & Workshops
When we deliver sales training, we design it to fit the learning needs of the business we are working with. We will give your team the most appropriate sales process for your sector, equipping them with the tools they need to perform their roles.

Individual Sales Coaching
Designed to bring out the existing skills which your staff already have (and perhaps forgotten how to use) at the same time as coaching a whole new range of sales tools.

Sales Management
Working closely with sales-teams brings you a sales management function if you need one. Supporting your business needs, we can provide this service for you, keeping you up to date with critical sales performance information. For the time we are working on your project, we can become part of your team.

Customer Research
We may spend time talking to your customers to understand exactly what it is they like about what you provide for them. When we have this information, we can then find out what your customers need to experience from you, in order to recognise they are receiving it.

Recruiting Sales Talent
If you were recruiting a sales-team today, would you recruit the staff you currently have? We help organisations build high performance sales teams, starting at the recruitment stage.

Organisational Change and Capacity Building
Putting all of this together usually requires taking your team along with the process. We are successful because when we propose change, we are happy to roll our sleeves up and facilitate the process for you.

“We have arranged sales training before and although we enjoyed the day out, it never seemed to make any difference to our results. CPV showed our sales managers three easy ways they could keep our sales staff focused on their figures and all of a sudden everyone got interested!” TK, Managing Director

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