Consultative Selling sales training for complex propositions

If you don’t need shorter Sales Cycles, improved Sales Conversion, and higher Sales Margins… You probably don’t need us!

We are now delivering all our Sales Training workshops in an online format using Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Clients and participants tell us they enjoy it, and find scheduling more convenient (especially for their dispersed teams).

Developing field-ready consultative selling skills and behaviours can be a big task.

Often sellers don’t see the need to move from whatever sales practise they currently follow (assuming they are following a sales model?) to one that is more suitable for their sales proposition.

Our leaning model takes sellers through the rationale for following a consultative model (answering their “reason why?” question) through to situation-specific practical sales exercises.

And is designed to work around our client’s own sales proposition, so that sellers take away highly relevant sales tools they can immediately use.

Working with their own product range, sellers build their own value selling model, answering:

  • What problems will your buyer avoid, what gains will your buyer achieve, when they buy your product or service?
  • How do you engage your buyer in their problem space? What questions do you ask to facilitate your buyers thinking about creating solutions?
  • How do you engage the right buyers with the proposition most appropriate for their own procurement agenda and buying style?
  • What evidence base do you use to support your claims that your value proposition will provide the benefits you claim?
  • Where does your proposition sit in its competitive environment? Top? Middle? Struggling? This model will develop a sales strategy for each one.

In a workshop setting, or over the Zoom platform using shared Google Sheets, we actively build a consultative selling sales model for your own sales proposition. Throughout this process, we use our Value Mapping tool to create proposition-specific, practical sales tools, to support your Sellers’ sales activity.


Following a recent workshop delivered in London, delegates told us they had learned how (in their words) to:

“Build detailed benefit statements”

“Overcome objections and handle rejection”

“Ask questions to get facts and uncover needs”

“Present our company”

“Find evidence to support our claims”

“Use third party references”

“Use metaphors and stories”

“Build rapport with buyers”

“Negotiate without damaging credibility or value of the product”

“Manage the sales dynamic”

“Groom buyers to negotiate on our terms”

“These skills will be applied immediately with new accounts on my target list”

“Ability to counter objections, stronger negotiation skills, preparation before the sales call”

“Showed me how to use the fact finding process to define the customer’s needs, to get all the facts so I can sell to the customer’s position and close more orders”

“It identified different areas to use in customer visits and skills to use with buyers and decision makers”

And following a workshop in New Jersey, delegates told us they had learned:

“Good revision on selling benefits not features”

“Where the value is in our offer and how we compare with the competition”

“Account entry strategies”

“Understanding where the client sees value”

“How to be less pushy and use influence more”

“How to use evidence more”

“The need to prepare for the call and research customers situation”

“I need to listen more and talk less!”

“The presenter directed the group at the proper pace, challenged individuals in a non threatening way, and used the reference notes sparingly.”

“[He] allowed us to think things through for ourselves”

“[He] worked with us to help us find our own answers to develop our own presentations and took the time to make sure we understood what he was talking about”

“The presenter related everything to our business, kept it interesting and easy to understand”

“We Directors have work to do to develop some critical areas of our service provision. Our sales guys now know how they should be running their sales calls. They’ve got some work to do as well but at least we’ve got them started” – IL, Managing Director

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