If 31% of successful selling comes from communication skills, then how are we helping our sellers to develop them?

If you don’t need shorter Sales Cycles, improved Sales Conversion, and higher Sales Margins… You probably don’t need us!

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If people buy from people...

Then what are we doing to improve these skills for our sellers? Are we simply working on the assumption that they are just “natural” sellers who are magically equipped to be persuasive, empathetic, and gifted deal makers?

When did you last coach your sellers to improve their high level influencing skills?

If you haven’t (and relax, most sales leaders haven’t) then you are missing a key lever of sales performance.

What Separates the Strongest Sellers from the Weakest?

In 1993, 24% of the sales people made 76% of the sales. Today 13% of the sales people make 87% of the sales. Mike Bosworth founder of Solution Selling

Only 53.3% of sales people met or exceeded their sales target. Accenture

In 62% of the deals won, sales people are still “leaving money on the table”. CSO Insights

At every interation point in the sales process, whether the deal goes forwards or backwards, the outcome is heavily influenced by how the seller communicates their message… (And in our hearts, of course, we all know this to be true).

We have all had the experience of sales opportunities that we could not progress because we could not use the right set of words to influence our sceptical buyer.

So how can we help you with this?

The Psychology of Sales

We are delighted to have partnered with 2interact to deliver their…

The 2interact profiling tool together with our Communications Skills workshop and coaching will…

This award-winning profile forms the basis of all workshops or interventions.

Download an outline of The Psychology of Communication in Sales

This workshop specifically addresses the differentiators of the top achievers in sales

Profiling Tool

Participants start their learning by completing an on-line profiling tool which identifies their preferred communication and natural behavioral style.

Profiling Tool

Talented communicators understand how people differ and are able to change their communication style to align with the person they are communicating with.

Just a 10% improvement in sales has a dramatic impact on the bottom line. The true benefit… generating revenue, the true driver of sustainable business.

Customer References


“Absolutely fantastic” – First National Bank

“This is what selling is all about!” – Microsoft partner summit

“Fantastic, worthwhile course that can be used in your home and work environment – thanks!” – Dimension Data

“Amazing research, great models, practical and a brilliant presenter. Thank you 2interact” – Serena

“The course was most enjoyable. My colleagues and I learnt a lot about sales, negotiation, ourselves and each other. I would just like to thank for your time and look forward to your return” – Bosal

“The understanding of the human element in any interaction is critical. This was used as a basis and will dramatically improve our relationships and hence the performance of sales” – T-Systems.

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