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Sales Development Projects – We work across your sales function to improve individual and group sales performance (and your overall sales results)

Sales Training – Custom designed to suit your proposition with a choice of Sales Models: Consultative / Solution / Challenger / Value – Supported by Sales Coaching throughout

Sales Coaching – For you / For your Sellers

Sales Coaching

In our experience, sales coaching is the most powerful tool that we use in building sales staff capability. It beats sales training hands down when you need to improve the sales skills and motivation of experienced sales staff.

And it works because...

  • The coaching environment makes individuals accountable for their own performance, or lack of it. With one-to-one coaching, there is no hiding place for those who do not want to develop their skills, and there is an immediate fast-track for those that do.
  • Sellers can address their own particular sales skills gaps and do not have to spend time re-learning skills they may already know and are already effective with (which can happen in a group training environment). Highly skilled and experienced sellers do not appreciate being told how to perform the basics, they do benefit. however, from learning new techniques they can use so that they can be successful in the areas they already know they need to work on. We work with sellers to identify precisely the areas of their sales game they need to work on.
  • Working outside their normal reporting lines allows sellers to be honest about their own skills gaps in a non-threatening environment. It is unlikely that an underperforming salesperson will admit to weaknesses in their sales skills to their line-manager.
  • Often sellers will have a sales skills gap which is related to other development needs that may be outside the competence or experience of their sales manager. Sometimes problems with the basic skills, for example, handling objections, confident closing, are a result of personal belief sets that can get in the way. For example, if a seller does not believe that it is “right”, or “their role”, or “a good thing to do”, then all the training in the World is not going help that seller be comfortable when asking for the sale. The sales coaching that we provide is predicated on NLP techniques that enable sellers to shift their self-limiting beliefs about selling.
  • Sales managers may not have the skills required to bring their staff up to peak effectiveness, they already have a lot to focus on, and this can distract their attention from developing the sales skills of their staff. Do you have sales managers, are you a sales manager, like this? Relax, it’s the norm. Developing sales talent is a big task and one that in a busy business environment can be delegated. Better still, giving sales managers the skills they need to develop sales talent will install a lasting sales capability into your business. When we train team leaders and sales managers how to coach their own teams, the benefits are enormous.
  • Sales Coaching is “outcome” orientated. What does this individual need to be successful in sales and how do we get them there quickly? Creating a list of specific sales skills gaps, and providing the lessons and support to resolve them easily, results in a rapid turnaround in sales effectiveness. The payback time for your investment is very rapid, you can watch your sellers improve their sales results in weeks, not months.
  • Sales coaching is highly motivational. Please, don’t take it from us, just experience a sales coaching session yourself to find out how motivational it is.
  • Because coaching builds on the strengths that your sales staff already have, we find that it is always well received and regarded as a real resource by motivated sellers. Engaging with their real life sales situations shows sellers that any situation they face has a solution, and creates curiosity about how they can fix their own sales challenges in the future.

We coach sales professionals individually and in small teams, based in London, though meeting at their business premises, as frequently as necessary, though usually on a monthly basis.

“Working with Charles has made a significant impact on me and my business growth. Running ones own business can lead to inner conflict and sometimes loss of clarity and direction. Charles reconnected me with my business proposition and helped clarify my uniqueness. A great listener who allowed the answers to come from within.” – MD, Marketing sector, London based

“Sales coaching with CH was much more challenging than I was expecting. I’ve learned some new moves which have helped me to win some significant accounts” – Seller, IT sector, London based

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