The World has changed for all of us. Our workshops are now available in a Virtual Instructor Led Format (VILT) so they are available for your sellers wherever they are working, Keeping them fully engaged and their sales skills relevant.
Our Sales Training Modules are now available to your team in an on-line Instructor-Led format...

Like you, we are wondering how we can best serve our customers in these changing times. Traditional Instructor Led Training may not be easy to deliver for the forseeable future (let’s not kid ourselves), though the need to keep sellers at the peak of their sales game is ever more relevant (let’s not kid ourselves about that either).

Our response has been to move our sales training and sales coaching services to a virtual delivery format, though still instructor led (it’s where our value lies), using shared online tools that participants can accesss during a training session.

Ask us how this format will help you to support your sellers, keeping them engaged, motivated, and delivering beyond your expectation.

How many of these do you recognise?

Missed sales targets / Unreliable sales projections / Undelivered sales plans

Narrow pipeline / Poor lead generation (no one to sell to)/ No one prospecting!

Sellers failing to get traction through the sales process / Failure to close deals

Rock-solid, certain deals, that didn’t close or were unexpectedly lost to a competitor

Lengthening sales cycles (with no apparent end in sight…)

High turnover of sales staff (especially your better performers)

Margin erosion / Price pressure / Inability to close deals without retreating on price

Familiar territory?

How much longer can you afford not to take action?

We improve sales performance…

We’re a team of experienced practitioners who specialise exclusively in improving sales performance

Helping successful clients develop sales strategy, supporting sales planning and solving sales problems

Delivering sales training and sales coaching, designed around business-specific value propositions and sales models

We design our work around the specific needs of our clients using our own tested tools and processes

Ask us how we could work with you to solve your sales challenges…

Why have these clients chosen to work with us?


Because we helped them to improve their sales performance

Shortening sales cycles, improving sales conversion, increasing deal values, bringing visibility to sales activity, achieving more reliable sales forecasts, reducing the unit cost of achieving sales, bringing reliability to planning and revenue growth

Let’s have a discussion about how we could help you to achieve your sales goals

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“We had doubts when we started but the results speak for themselves. Our sales conversion rate for our core business has gone up from 9% to 47% without giving away margin. Now we’re working on lead generation in new target customer groupings. I wish we’d started before!” – H.W. Chief Executive

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