Changing your sales model

05 April 2012 by Charles Howden

We often work with companies to help them change their sales model, usually the desired direction is moving from a transactional model, to a consultative one.

Should a recession affect your sales?

06 March 2012 by Charles Howden

How often do your sellers tell you “Our buyers aren’t buying, there’s a recession going on!”

Is your sales planning a box ticking exercise?

03 November 2011 by Charles Howden

This is usually the time of year when Sales Managers and Directors are pulling together next year’s sales plan.

Will your business achieve your 2011 sales plan?

27 May 2011 by Charles Howden

Are you getting a firm sense of whether you are on-track to hit your sales numbers this year? If sales delivery is not matching your starting sales plan, you’ll probably know about it by now.
Often, this is a question of sales execution.

“Selling” a price increase – Capability

03 March 2011 by Charles Howden

Last week we looked at the two areas that can make it hard for sellers to “sell” price rises to their buyers, the first being Motivation (and I left you with a process you can use to help them move their beliefs about prices) and the second area being Capability. This week we’ll look at a process your sellers can follow which will remove the capability issue.

“Selling” a price increase – Motivation

15 February 2011 by Charles Howden

Sales Mistake No 10: Absence of a replicatable sales process

29 December 2009 by Charles Howden

When we began this series of the Top Ten Sales Mistakes, we were careful to point out that we were not addressing mistakes in any order of seriousness. Depending on the precise business situation that they present in, any one of them can cause havoc to an organisation’s sales performance. That said, I was tempted to call this week’s mistake the “worst” of the lot. And I’m still tempted to.

Sales Mistake No 9: It’s not just about the money!

17 December 2009 by Charles Howden

The popularly held misconception about the motivation of sales professionals is that it’s all about the money. Bonuses, commissions, prizes are all supposed to be the common currency of incentivising sales staff.

Sales Mistake No 8: Absence of a lead generation mechanism

10 December 2009 by Charles Howden

Whether you are selling double glazing or legal services, selling is a lot easier if you have a queue of half interested prospects waiting at your door. Just imagine it. You, your sales team, have a queue of prospects that fall into your target market, just waiting for you to pitch to them…

Sales Mistake No 7: Allowing price to dominate the sales dynamic

01 December 2009 by Charles Howden

If your salesforce is telling you that it’s “all about price”, that they need access to heavier discounts, at best they’re negotiating, at worst, they’re simply price taking. When sellers allow buyers to move the focus of the discussion into this territory they are setting themselves up for a margin destroying exercise. Are your margins increasing, or are they decreasing?

Sales Mistake No 6: Not using a qualification process

26 November 2009 by Charles Howden

Two weeks ago we talked about sales activity (do you remember the equation “activity x performance = sales results?) and that without activity, nothing gets sold (it might get bought, it doesn’t get sold).

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