Calculating the Return on Investment

05 March 2014 by Charles Howden

Can your sellers do the numbers?

No, not their monthly commission numbers, the numbers that their prospect will have to do in order to make a purchasing decision.

Most business purchases will need a rationale to support a decision to buy, or switch suppliers. How effective are your sellers at uncovering the existing spend, budgetary constraints, and business rationale?

Once they are having a sales conversation in this space, what tools are they using to help their prospect re-configure their judgment frame around how your proposition could help them? These need to go beyond demos and presentations (though these can have their place in the sales process). Sellers need to be sure that they have helped their prospect to nail the business case, including the numbers.

Yes, you can hope your prospect can do this for themselves, though wouldn’t your sellers be more successful if they could do this, in real time, when they are with them? How confident are you that they can?

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