Prospects will move to your side of the table once you can open up a discussion about value.

Value Selling

Value Selling calculations do not have to be complicated. Simplicity can create a compelling logic that is hard to disagree with, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve when we use value calculations in a sales engagement.

The more complex your sales proposition, the harder it can be for sellers to engage in discussions about the financial value generated by it, either in total, or by specific applications. And if they can’t confidentially talk about the financial value of the components parts of it, they’ll quickly get drawn into a discussion about the overall price, without the tools they’ll need to defend it. Sound familiar?

Value selling requires a level of engagement with prospects that moves beyond discussions about features and benefits (how sure are you that your sellers know the difference?)

To deliver this well, your sellers need to have a deep understanding of how your offering affects their prospects’ business critical issues (and knowledge of what these are for your target sector). Sellers need to be technical experts, and they also need to know how the application of their offer affects turnover, costs, and other key drivers of business margin.

How confident are you that your sellers can explain each component part of your Value Proposition in financial terms?

Warning – Don’t expect old-school transactional sellers to warm to value selling. It requires thought and creative thinking. Even your top performing consultative sellers will need support to learn how to communicate business benefits in financial terms.

We like Neil Rackham’s explanation of his current thinking on value selling, shown on this Cranfield University YouTube clip. His discussion is from an organisational perspective, though we particularly like his observation about the transactional cost of achieving sales.

Value selling is not suitable for all sales propositions. We can advise you on where it works well, and where it will not, and how it might work for your business.

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“I haven’t worked so hard in ages! The course asked me questions about things I’ve never thought of before but it’s helped me with my selling. I suppose I’ve got out of the habit of doing it [sales] properly but I’ve no excuse now” – SW, Territory Manager

Value selling does not suit all sales models though it may suit yours. Feel free to call us directly, or complete the contact form below, so that you can learn about how it might help you.

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