The World has changed for all of us. Our workshops are now available in a Virtual Instructor Led Format (VILT) so they are available for your sellers wherever they are working, Keeping them fully engaged and their sales skills relevant.
Our Sales Training Modules are now available to your team in an on-line Instructor-Led format...

Like you, we are wondering how we can best serve our customers in these changing times. Traditional Instructor Led Training may not be deliverable for the forseeable future (let’s not kid ourselves), though the need to keep sellers at the peak of their sales game is ever more relevant (let’s not kid ourselves about that either).

Our response has been to move our sales training and sales coaching services to a virtual delivery format, though still instructor led (it’s where our value lies), using shared online tools that participants can accesss during a training session.

Ask us how this format will help you to support your sellers, keeping them engaged, motivated, and delivering beyond your expectation.

Sales Training

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Is your sales training delivering results for you?

Generic sales training often gives a poor return on investment. If you’ve ever sent your sellers on general sales training courses, you probably have direct experience of this.

Our sales training is delivered in a workshop format to support sellers active learning.

We design the content so that it is sector specific and relevant. And then we follow up with sales coaching for sellers once they have had the chance to take their learning into their own sales environment.

In this way, sales training is the first step of a lasting skills development process.

If you are not sure about this, ask yourself...

Do your staff need more skills or more motivation?
If your sales staff are motivated and just need skills to become more effective, then sales training can be a good place to start. If they are not motivated, then any amount of sales training will be a waste of your money, and their time.

Is your sales training relevant?
If your sales training is not tailored to your business sector, your product or service, then it may not pass the relevance test. If the lessons being taught do not give practical skills that can be immediately used, then is it surprising if your sales staff have difficulty using them?

Is your sales training fun?
This is not a frivolous question. If your sales staff are not enjoying the training experience, it is unlikely that they will be fully engaged.

Are your participants personally committed to using the training?
Unless individuals are tied in to using the lessons learned from the training in their own sales activity, then you could be just giving everyone a day off.

Is your sales management committed to the training initiative?
Line management need to be involved in the design of the training, and in the utilisation of the skills delivered.

Our sales training is designed to address these five points, so that you can be sure that the skills we teach will have lasting results for you. Tell us what you need your sellers to learn, and we’ll design a programme to deliver it.

“I learnt more in the first half day with Charles than I learnt on the four days I spent with [National Sales Training Company]” – William R., Graduate Trainee

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