Wouldn't you like all your callers to be confident in their process and happy in their work?

Sales Call Reluctance

If you are managing staff whose primary role is to pick up the phone and make sales calls, you’ve probably encountered sales call reluctance.

We believe we have found the answer.

We have tested our process with individual sellers in a sales coaching relationship and helped very reluctant callers become comfortable with picking up the phone and calling long lists of prospects, without fear or hesitation.

We would now like to field test our process in a small sales team environment.

Could this be yours?

If you have a small sales team of 3 – 8 callers, who you think are capable of making more calls, we’d like to run our process for you, for a period of four weeks, without charge to you.

In exchange for our contribution to your sales process, we’d like to measure the results in terms of additional calls made and sales outcomes achieved.

We’re keeping this offer open through July and August, though it will only be available for the first five suitable businesses that apply. You may need to move fast.

What is sales call reluctance?

You may have experienced it yourself, it’s a perfectly normal condition, easy to diagnose, and (until now) very difficult to fix.

The hesitation that a person feels when they have a list of people to call who they may not know (cold calls) resulting in any amount of procrastinating behaviour. If you’ve managed sellers who have struggled with this, you’ll have seen all sorts of avoidance tactics (you may even have tried some youself).

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t promise to be able to help everyone, though so far our process has successfully helped the sellers we’ve worked with. We’d now like to try it with small teams.

“We weren’t expecting the whole process to be as easy as you’ve made it for us. Now we can see our sales results on a whiteboard every week, we know where we’re going. So far, for the first time in three years, we are ahead of our budget. It’s a great feeling.” – DL Managing Director

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