Some “off cuts” from projects we’ve worked on that we hope you’ll find useful.

Tips and Tricks?

Please feel free to adapt these to your own sales situation. If you have a particular problem you’d like some help with, we’ll be happy to give you initial advice over the telephone.

Struggling with Sales Call Reluctance?
Take advantage of our offer

Selling a price rise to existing customers
This model gives you a practical tool you can use to explain how to sell a price-rise

Questions to qualify your sales prospects
Try using these and watch your sales conversion rate shoot up

The top ten mistakes that your sales staff may have slipped into…
And how you can fix them. Do you recognise any of these?

How to build your sales team’s sales skills
Use your sales briefing meetings to create a learning culture

Questions to ask yourself about your own sales process
A repeatable sales process forms the basis of consistent sales success. Do you know what your sales process is?

The CPV Sales Capability Matrix
Have a look at the business tool that we use to diagnose organisational sales problems, it may help you to look at your sales model in a new light.

Running a Referral Campaign
Should already be part of your normal sales activity. If it’s not, you can use this structure for starting one right now.

“Great course! Content was very useful and relevant and I will use it to improve the way I approach dealing with my customers and new business sales. I can’t believe how much I’d been missing. Excellent!” – PT, Sales

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