When we interrogate your sales data, we can give you evidence-based insight and advice

If you don’t need shorter Sales Cycles, improved Sales Conversion, and higher Sales Margins… You probably don’t need us!

Data - Why should you care?

These are the typical problems that we can identify when we analyse our clients sales data:

Lack of accountability within Sales department

Marketing activity that is not measured or accountable for revenue

Marketing budget wasted by investing in the wrong channels

Hidden leaks and bottle-necks in the sales process

Sales forecasts that are crudely estimated, not calculated

Data is not clean or complete

Data helps us to pinpoint the underlying reasons causing friction in your sales process:

o Not enough leads
o Cost per lead too high
o Marketing budget too low
o Poor or broad targeting (irrelevant traffic)
o Poor conversion of web visitors into leads
o No visibility as to which marketing channels work (disconnect between sales and marketing data)
o Spending money on low performing channels
o Inability to easily test and evaluate new marketing channels
o No or generic lead nurturing (retargeting, email nurturing)
o Poor user experience (e.g. missing communication channels – e.g. chatbots)

Sellers Performance
o Lack of effort
o Sales people not doing enough activities
o Sales people not doing the right mix of activities
o Lack of skill
o Low conversion
o Low order value
o Poor up-sell / cross-sell
o No referrals (we are not asking or we are not asking the right way)
o Lack of prioritisation
o Lack of timely follow up
o Lack of accountability
o Not enough leads/opportunities per sales person
o Too many opportunities per sales person
o Misaligned commission scheme Vs the goals of the business

Sales process and systems
o Pipeline is uneven / not mature enough
o Pipeline not flowing smoothly
o Pipeline inflated with dead/artificial opportunities
o Some opportunities being overlooked/missed/not followed up timely
o Bottlenecks in the sales process (lack of resource within parts of the sales process)
o Manual / time consuming steps of the sales process
o All opportunities treated the same
o Sales cycle too long
o Unclear or ineffective definition of a qualified lead
o Late qualification of a lead
o Systems not being used as they should be
o Data not being clean enough => poor, slow and reactive decision making
o Unreliable or unrealistic sales forecast

Yes! These are long lists… Fortunately we have the analytical tools to make sense of the data we can gather from the data points in your sales process. Analysis which includes:

• Traffic reports
• Marketing ROI report
• Daily activity tracker
• Pipeline report
• Conversion report
• Critical path report
• Sales forecast report

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