When did you last spend time purposefully listening to your customers?

If you don’t need shorter Sales Cycles, improved Sales Conversion, and higher Sales Margins… You probably don’t need us!

Customer Research

When we start an intimate discussion with your customers, prepare to be surprised.

Many businesses struggle to get a firm grasp on what it is precisely about their sales proposition that their customers truly value, which is quite understandable – it’s a complex area. Conducting research into your customers’ perceptions of your service is enormously rewarding though. The lessons learned can inform your operations, your product and service design, your sales and marketing.

Remember that examining your customers’ perception of your value is not the same thing as evaluating their levels of satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is based on your customers’ perception of whether you lived up to their expectations… “We expected rubbish, you were rubbish, yes, we’re satisfied!” Remember the attention you spent when you were last coerced into completing a customer satisfaction form at a hotel or conference. Do you want to plan your business based on that quality of information?

Our customer research will identify:

  • What differentiates your company from your competitors and how this helps your customers
  • Where you are failing to deliver value and what your customers intend to do about it
  • Other products and services you could be selling to your customers
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • What areas of service delivery you are doing well, and how you could improve them
  • The level of awareness amongst your customers of your other products and services
  • Which of your competitors your customers are considering buying from and why
  • What your customers think of your competitors and whether they are gaining ground on you or not

Your customers will tell us things about their experience with your business that they wouldn’t dream of telling you or your account managers.

How could you use information like this?

“When CPV examined what we thought what was our unique selling proposition by talking to our customers we were staggered. It turned out we didn’t really understand what it was they like about our service at all. Now we do know, it’s a lot easier to make them happy.” – BG, Managing Director

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