What’s your problem, Marketing or Sales?

02 July 2013 by Charles Howden

Do you have enough prospects to sell to? But just can’t close them? In which case you primarily have a sales problem. Or, are you short of prospects to sell to, in which case you have a marketing issue.

Even though the answers to these questions are subjective and largely a matter of gut feeling, most sales leaders can usually answer them fairly easily. What the case for your situation? Are you drowning in leads though just can’t close enough of them, or are you waiting for the phone to ring (or watching your inbox) hoping for a sales enquiry to turn up.

Of course to reliably grow a business, an effective sales process should be focused on generating a steady stream of sales leads (from active and systematic prospecting activity) as well as improving sales conversion and deal size. Though having some idea where to focus resource is a good place to start.

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