Lipstick on a pig? Who needs “questioning” skills?

25 March 2015 by Charles Howden

How often do sellers tell you they are practising their questioning skills?

Sales capability – In-house or Outsourced?

05 February 2015 by Charles Howden

Why should we go through the effort (make that time and expense) of developing our own in-house sales department? Can’t we just outsource it?

How blu tack can transform your sales results…

02 October 2014 by Charles Howden

When your sellers are prospecting on the phone and they finally get through. What do they say? Listen in and find out. You might be surprised.

Conversational Selling

25 April 2014 by Charles Howden

We’re frequently asked “who in our business should learn how to use conversational selling?” And the answer is easy – directors, partners, customer facing staff, and, of course, sellers!

How do your sellers keep at the top of their sales game?

01 April 2014 by Charles Howden

I love asking this question, because it is as much your sellers’ responsibility for developing their own skill-sets, as it is for you to facilitate the process.

What are the 6 key behaviours of top performing sellers?

25 March 2014 by Charles Howden

When we are recruiting top performing sellers for our clients we follow the reliable maxim, “recruit the attitude, teach the skills”…

Managing Your Sales Pipe-line

18 March 2014 by Charles Howden

How confident are you that your sales-pipeline cases will go the distance?

Consultative Selling Activity

10 March 2014 by Charles Howden

So you think your sellers are selling consultatively?

Calculating the Return on Investment

05 March 2014 by Charles Howden

Can your sellers do the numbers?

How much is your search for perfection costing you?

25 February 2014 by Charles Howden

Because an 80% solution implemented right now will always beat a 100% solution implemented sometime never…

Common Sales Mistakes for Technology Companies

17 February 2014 by Charles Howden

What are the three most common sales mistakes for technology companies?

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