How blu tack can transform your sales results…

02 October 2014 by Charles Howden

When your sellers are prospecting on the phone and they finally get through. What do they say? Listen in and find out. You might be surprised.

How close was their messaging to the carefully crafted messages that they may have learned in training sessions? What was the balance of questioning (20%) and listening (80%)? Was it just the surprise of the prospect answering their phone and taking the call that completely flummoxed your seller?

For many sellers, getting immediately into the questioning (with curiosity) frame can be difficult, especially for those sellers who are at heart transactional pitchers. Their brain shuts down, their mouth gets talking, and their prospect glazes over and starts looking for a rapid exit route.

When we are working with sellers on their own consultative selling model we leave them with a tool kit of question-sets that they can use to control and guide prospects through their decision making process. Like all great tools though, they only work when they are actually used, with confidence, off the front foot, rather than “oh, where did I leave my notes…” type of conviction.

Fortunately the answer is simple. “Print out your key questions and stick them where you can see them, so that at any time you’ll always have the ultimate in messaging just when you need it”. It’s not complicated, and it’s born out to us by sellers when they give us feedback along the lines of “we followed the questions and it worked, the prospect loved it” (now there’s a surprise).

The point of using sales ready messages is that they are good to go, applicable to communication across multi channels (web, point of sale, sales calls, phone calls). And they need to be followed, as close to word for word as possible. I don’t care how gifted sellers tell me they are at crafting a message, I’ve yet to meet a seller who could consistently craft a better set of opening questions on the spot, than those purposely designed for the purpose ahead of time.

And the best tool we know for sticking up a sheet of A4, is blu tack! You could be amazed at how it changes your seller’s game.

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