Conversational Selling

25 April 2014 by Charles Howden

We’re frequently asked “who in our business should learn how to use conversational selling?” And the answer is easy – directors, partners, customer facing staff, and, of course, sellers!

And especially if your business depends on selling at a high level in the client organisation, this is one area of professional development that can quickly deliver a measurable return on your investment.

Conversational selling is a “conversation with a purpose”, and that purpose is to advance a sale. Not to necessarily “close” one, which may not be appropriate or achievable, but to create a level of interest and commitment to agree to follow up with some positive actions, maybe a meeting, a presentation, a deeper discussion with decision makers.

A conversational selling framework helps the prospect to understand their problem state (their need), how it impacts on their business (creating motivation to take action), matching relevant points of the seller’s value proposition (presenting), and agreeing next steps (reaching agreement, or closing). All using normal conversational language.

How often have you found yourself in front of a potential client, and not been certain about how to make the most of the opportunity? Perhaps at a networking event, a commercial event, even at a drinks party. How sickening can it feel to see a key prospect walking off without managing to engage them in a meaningful discussion?

It doesn’t have to be that way once the simple process is learned.

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