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Antonio Aznar

Antonio joins us following an impressive track record of improving the sales performance of sales teams operating transactional sales models. Specialising in advertising and media promotions, delivering 150% revenue growth of £26 million (NRS Media), and generating a 300% rise in gross margins in one year (for BNP Paribas).

Antonio prefers to take an active role in coaching and leading sales change from the front, making him a perfect fit for fast moving businesses that need a quick turnaround of their (transactional) sales team performance.

CPV Consultants are all highly skilled sales professionals, with decades of experience of selling to new customers and building rock solid business relationships with clients from a wide range of business sectors. The fact that “you’d been there before and knew exactly the situation I’d found myself in and the type of answers that would work” can be a huge help when you’re struggling to find a successful approach.

We’re also experienced trainers and coaches, and can deliver fast learning exercises in real time so your sales staff won’t need to take days away from their sales activity.

Research, learning, and the application of our specialist knowledge,satisfies our intense curiosity of the subject matter.

We support our practical sales experience with the academic rigour of business school, qualified with MBA’s and professional qualifications.

“We started talking to CPV about some sales training work though they quickly showed us the benefit of scheduled sales coaching with our sales team. It was amazing how quickly our guys took to working on their own sales skills, and now they are adding new customers and reclaiming some old ones too.” – SN, Sales Director

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